Askuri's projects

General projects
General mirroring other projects from various authors Link

Maniaplanet projects
ManiaGames Collection of ManiaScript games Link
ManiaCDN Network of some servers to provide a stable and reliable content delivery network for ManiaPlanet - co-project-leader: Toffe Link

Trackmania 1 projects
Ultimania (XAseco) It's a global record saving database for stunts only with Records Eyepiece support, ban system etc. TM-Forum, Sourceforge, Statssite
Ultimania Standalone for singleplayer Drive records with own map choice without joining other servers TM-Forum
DynMaps (XAseco) Dynamicly adds and removes tracks from the tracklist. Helps when server got 1000+ maps because server gets really slow with many maps TM-Forum

About me:

I'm Martin Weber, born 1997 in Wittlich (near Trier/Germany), where I'm still living. Currently I'm working on my A-level, which I will hopefully receive in late spring 2017. After finishing it, I will go to Rwanda for one year as a volunteer (preferably assistant teacher). To stay informed, go here.

I'm interested in pretty much everything which has to do with technic. To be more specific: IT, electrical engineering and HiFi/PA stuff. Furthermore African culture and living is highly interesting more me.

If you're living near Wittlich or just enjoying holidays at the Mosel-region, you may want to visit The Cave, a bouldering-centre which I do visit at least once a week.

If you want to contact me, write an email to enwi2 (├Ąt) t-online . de

Last update: 10.16.2016