Askuri's projects

Maniaplanet projects
ManiaGames Collection of ManiaScript games Link
ManiaCDN Network of some servers to provide a stable and reliable content delivery network for ManiaPlanet - co-project-leader: Toffe Link, GitHub

Trackmania 1 projects
Ultimania (XAseco) It's a global record saving database for stunts only with Records Eyepiece support, ban system etc. TM-Forum, Sourceforge, Statssite
DynMaps (XAseco) Dynamicly adds and removes tracks from the tracklist. Helps when server got 1000+ maps because server gets really slow with many maps TM-Forum, GitHub

Other Projects
Prolog BFS An alternative Prolog Interpreter featuring breadth-first-search as its SLD resolutin strategy. It's also capable of showing the search tree to make it easier to understand, how Prolog works. In collaboration with Leonhard Kipp, see GitHub. Website, GitHub
Last update: 2020-03-22