Askuri's projects

General projects archive This site was shut down, but the owner published an archive with all pictures. Here I'm going to make it publicly visible, without download (since the archive isn't small) Link
General mirroring other projects from various authors Link
OGG Creative Commons music hosting Ment for use with Trackmania/ManiaPlanet servers Link

Maniaplanet projects
ManiaGames Collection of ManiaScript games Link
SMART Servercontroller plugins Just a few plugins I wrote - discontinued Link
ManiaCDN Network of some servers to provide a stable and reliable content delivery network for ManiaPlanet - co-project-leader: Toffe Link

Trackmania 1 projects
Ultimania (XAseco) My biggest project I've ever finished. It's a global record saving database for stunts only with Records Eyepiece support, ban system etc. TM-Forum, Sourceforge, Statssite
Ultimania Standalone for singleplayer Drive records with own map choice without joining other servers TM-Forum
DynMaps (XAseco) Dynamicly adds and removes tracks from the tracklist. Helps when server got 1000+ maps because server gets really slow with many maps TM-Forum